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As a gear reviewer you might imagine I have a lot of options when choosing pants for a backcountry tour and you’d be right. Grabbing the same pants each time for a full season of touring is a testament to the Outdoor Research Trailbreaker Pants.

Since my first trip earlier this season I haven’t opted for any other pants. They fit just right: slim but not tight and loose enough to move and flex when I need to do something rad.

You’ll find pockets where you need them and they all act like vents with mesh linings. It’d be tough to overheat while wearing these.

Outdoor Research has eschewed garage doors for most of the zippers, thus saving more weight. You’ll think about writing them a thank you letter on the way up the hill.

I like the integrated beacon pocket on your right thigh. It holds the beacon secure in mesh and keeps it close to your inner thigh. In case of a fall you’ll have a lower risk of damaging the beacon.

OR did a great job in the Trailbreaker Pants and at a very nice price point too. I’ll be using these for many more seasons.

Outdoor Research Trailbreaker Pants


Outdoor Research Trailbreaker Pants

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If you’re looking for a mid layer that you can use year round, you should check out the Stockhorn Hoodie by Adidas Outdoor. They’ve kind of gone all out with this hoodie, adding technologies and fabrics to make it comfortable, functional, and stylish.

The Cocona fabric used throughout the core is very soft and does an amazing job with moisture management while protection from UV rays. This fabric combined with the FORMOTION® technology and Pontetorto Technostretch makes for a functional piece!

Pontetorto Technostretch allows for amazing fit against the body (even while it’s moving) and provides insulation that will keep you warm whether you’re camping on a chilly summer night or skiing deep pow in the rocky mountains in the middle of winter.

The FORMOTION® technology ensures that the Stockhorn will move with you when you’re outside doing what you love to do. You can maybe begin to understand that with all of these advanced technologies employed into one fleece, it is going to be one comfortable and functional performance piece.

To top it off, the Stockhorn is a stylish piece so that you can look good while doing your thing. Overall, as a mid layer, this will easily become your go-to. The fact that you can wear this year round for any activity is a huge bonus! Adidas Outdoor is producing some amazing product right now for any outdoor enthusiast so be sure to check them out!


Adidas Outdoor

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As a relatively new company, Tyson and I both believe that Hand Out Gloves is leading the industry when it comes to innovative and functional glove design. Their design is unlike anything we’ve ever seen and they make perfect sense.

Hand Out Gloves were built partially around the frustration of constantly taking gloves on and off in the backcountry and at the resorts. With Hand Out Gloves, you fit the glove cuff once to your wrist (this includes trying to squeeze your jacket around your glove) and then you have endless access to your hand all day without ever re-adjusting or taking the gloves off.

The zipper, placed on the top of the hand, is waterproof and easy to open and close. The hand portion of the glove or mitt then folds down and with a Velcro strap, you can keep it in place for extended periods of time.

By far the best part about Hand Out gloves and mittens is the easy access to your hand. If you’re anything like us, you are constantly pulling a glove off, setting it in the snow or in your teeth, while you complete a quick and simple task. The other amazing feature of Handout gloves and mittens is that you can also just unzip the zipper on the top of your hand and allow for extra ventilation. This is perfect for skinning! Your fingers wont get cold but they wont get sweaty either.

Technically speaking, Hand Out gloves and mittens are made with very soft and comfortable high-quality cowhide leather. The lining is a super soft Hipora with a waterproof lining so if you have your hands in the snow for most of the day, you won’t get wet in the afternoon.

Hand Out gloves and mittens minimize the amount of frustration you will face throughout the day constantly removing your mittens or gloves. They allow for some air ventilation that is hard to come by in other gloves, and work extremely well whether you’re simply checking your cell phone or doing something extreme.

Right now, there are only two designs from Hand Out; the gloves and the mittens. They are a unisex glove/mitten but are fitted more towards men so ladies be sure to definitely size down. Hand Out has some plans of trying to apply their design and technology to the women’s niche and I really hope they do! The small mittens fit me pretty well and are not too big. We are so excited to watch Hand Out grow and can’t wait for them to start coming out with new designs and fits. Be sure to look into them so you can get your Hand Out!


HO 1 HO 2


Hand Out Gloves

Hand Out Mittens

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If you’ve been dreaming about having a perfect, extremely versatile, and comfortable strap for your DSLR, dream no more. Peak Design has once again created a camera accessory that once you have, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. The Slide Camera Strap can be worn and mounted in several different ways.

The Slide gives you the option of wearing your camera as a sling, shoulder strap, or neck strap (like the traditional DSLR strap). All three are great styles for different applications but it is even better to have the ability to do them all with only one strap! The strap comes with 4 patent pending Anchor Link quick-connectors and Peak Design’s Standard Plate (which screws into the tripod socket). You can either use the stock camera mounting brackets to attach the quick-connectors, or you can place the quick-connectors on any corners of the Standard Plate.

Cally strap 2

It’s really nice to be able to go from carrying your DSLR on your shoulder, to mounting it on a tripod (without a strap blowing in the wind). Even though it’s hard to really choose a favorite, the quick-connector Anchor-Links are probably my favorite feature of the Slide Strap. All you have to do to remove the strap entirely from the camera is push on the two Anchor-Links and you’re good to go.

The aluminum quick-adjusters are the next coolest feature. Because they are made from aluminum, they are really light but extremely durable. It is so quick and smooth to adjust the strap length and most importantly, easy enough to do with one hand!

The webbing is a seatbelt-style webbing and is wide enough so that when carrying on your shoulder, will not get uncomfortable.  The tubular webbing even has an internal padding on the shoulder portion for added comfort. At first glance, it’s easy to tell that the webbing is durable and strong, and will withstand any abuse thrown it’s way.

In my opinion, Peak Design is leading the pack with camera accessories.  Their products are designed with the user in mind, and like I stated earlier, once you try their products, you’ll wonder how you ever made it without them.  Definitely be sure to check out all the cool products that Peak Design is producing at the moment and check out our review of their Capture Mount, another amazing and innovative way to carry your camera on your outdoor adventures.

photo (2)


The Slide Camera Strap

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If you noticed the earlier review of Shock Doctor’s ICE Recovery Compression Utility Wrap, you’ll understand Tyson’s back pain and discomfort that he’s been having lately. The icing recovery is an important part of trying to ease swelling and pain but active support is a vital factor in keeping Tyson’s back as normal as possible. Luckily for him, Shock Doctor not only has an extensive line of recovery products, they also produce a line of protection and support products.

The Ultra Back Support Brace is packed with features and provides a ton of support, without feeling like you’re wearing a 2×4 across your lower back. The molded stability supports and terry lined lumbar pad ensure comfort and protection.

The Ultra Back Support Brace allows for maximum adjustability, as you can order in different sizes and adjust with one larger compression strap and two additional hip straps. The no-slip silicone gripper pattern keeps the brace where you want it and the vented materials ensure you won’t get over-heated.

If you’re too cheap to head to the doctor for advice or if you just have a minor injury, Shock Doctor is definitely a company that you need to look in to. Whether it’s recovery, compression, or reassurance, they have it all!


The Ultra Back Support Brace

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you’re outside adventuring is a dead GoPro battery. Well, forgetting a memory card can be a bummer too which I happen to do all the time but that is a different story and a harder problem to fix. The Brunton All Day High Capacity Power Supply will extend battery life of your original GoPro battery by about 4 times.

Not only will the All Day provide your GoPro with extended power, it can also serve as a battery to charge a smartphone or tablet (about 2.5 charges). It’s great to have an extra power source for the GoPro but even more beneficial for that power source to have the capability of providing power to multiple devices.

While I’m mentioning added bonuses, I should mention the cable that comes with the Brunton All Day. The 3-in-1 adapter cable not only provides you with a cable to charge the power device, it also provides you with a Micro USB, Lightning, and 30-Pin to USB. The 3-in-1 adapter cable is very beneficial for backcountry travel but we also found ourselves using the cable in the car to clean up the mess of cords that often lingers. It’s similar to Brunton’s new Power Knife so if you’re not in need of a GoPro power source but looking for a 3-in-1 USB, definitely look into it.


The Brunton All Day simply snaps on to the back of the Hero 3+ case (the standard housing) as if it were a backdoor.   All you have to do is make sure the original GoPro battery and battery door are removed and this will fit right in. While the All Day snaps and seals into place, it is important to note that this additional power supply is not waterproof. It is weatherproof but not submergible.

If you’re taking long day trips hiking, backpacking, skiing, or dirt biking, the Brunton All Day is definitely something that needs to be added to your gear bag. By the way, this power supply is only $49.99 (a Hero 3+ single battery is $19.99). Named the All Day for a good reason, you won’t want to leave home without it.

photo (1)

brunton 3n1


The Brunton All Day High Capacity Power Supply

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