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Looking for a wireless speaker that will fit in your pocket? Life n Soul has you covered with the BM101 Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker.

Life n Soul made the BM101 small enough to easily take anywhere. You won’t find deep bass or amazing highs since this thing packs into your pocket but the audio is much better than that coming straight out of your phone.

Connecting via bluetooth is straight forward though I still tend to be a bit confused by the button layout. It always takes me a couple of tries to turn it off. Just be sure to hold the play/pause button down long enough to go through a few different beeps. If you don’t hold it long enough it seems like it enters pairing mode.

In my tests battery life was about 2-3 hours. With a built-in USB battery charging port it’s easy to top up. And don’t worry about getting splashed with water. This speaker can take it and keep playing through it all.

Life n Soul BM101 Speaker


Life n Soul BM101 Speaker

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The North Star Insulated Jacket by Montane is not only super pretty, it is packed full with beneficial features to keep you comfortable and warm on any of your outdoor adventures. I feel as though I have really put this down jacket to the test, wearing it in a multitude of environments, temperatures, and precipitations.

Not only has Montane used a high quality down insulation, they have encased this down in a water resistant, windproof shell. So now you can stay warm and dry at the same time.

The fit of this jacket is certainly something to write home about, as it is functional and flattering at the same time. The down baffles are designed and formed around the body shape and movement patterns, so the jacket moves with you and forms to you. Even though it’s an extremely warm down insulated jacket, it doesn’t have a boxy fit and feel.

Perfect for chilly climbing conditions, the pockets are raised up slightly so you can access them with your climbing harness on. The drawstrings, for ultimate adjustability, can be operated by one hand as well. So when you’re on a scary pitch and you start to freeze, simply tighten up your drawstrings with your one free hand.

The design and color way of this jacket is simply perfect, with attention to detail in ways I never would have guessed. The reversed zippers are brilliant and beautiful and make for an extremely clean looking finish.

The North Star Jacket is an exceptionally lightweight jacket for how much insulation you are getting which is why this jacket has easily become my year-round down jacket that goes with me on any adventure. Montane even provides with the jacket a waterproof storage stuff sack and when stuffed with the jacket it is no larger than a spaghetti squash. Whether you’re backpacking, camping, hiking, climbing, or embarking on any other adventure outside, this is the perfect warmth layer to have with you at all times. Weighing in at right around 17 ounces, it will be worth it for that one cold night (and also works really well as a pillow).

Between the functionality and design of Montane’s jackets, I would highly recommend taking a look at their website and checking out what perfect layer they can provide for you. This is the second Montane piece I’ve owned and I have yet to be disappointed about something! The quality is second to none, design is beautiful, and function above par.



photo (1)



The North Star Insulated Jacket by Montane


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The Hiking 1-Sided Fleece by Adidas Outdoor has become my go-to this spring for layering up.  When it’s chilly, I can easily layer over this fleece with a vest and jacket but on warmer days I can use it as a jacket and it’s the perfect weight.  The fit and weight have definitely helped to make this layer my favorite one these days, however the color is an extra bonus and reason why I love this fleece.  I have the Amazon red color option which is colorful but not outrageous and compliments casual and fancy outfits.

I wear the medium and it fits me well.  Adidas does a really nice job of making their pieces long in the torso and arms, so I can wear a flattering fit and have my torso and wrists covered.  The hood is large enough so I can fit a beanie underneath it but not too loose for an unflattering and floppy fit.

The Climawarm proves to be beneficial with a layer like this because of the thermal insulation provided however I have noticed that the material is not windproof or waterproof.  Adidas does not market this as a wind or waterproof jacket but I just like to test the waters sometimes!

For a fairly lightweight, super attractive and warm layer, check out the Hiking 1-Sided Fleece by Adidas outdoor.  Everyone needs a mid-weight layer like this for the crazy springtime weather!



The Hiking 1-Sided Fleece by Adidas Outdoor

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If you don’t think you like IPAs but want to give one a go, I suggest starting with Aspen Brewing Company’s Independence Pass Ale.

Coming in with 62 IBUs this beer isn’t overly hoppy and only 7% alcohol this IPA is relatively easy drinking. Even our friend Dani, who normally doesn’t like IPAs, likes this one.

The hops are more citrusy than floral and we all enjoyed that. Check out the video for our pairing recommendations, including peanut butter and jelly, rafting and camp fires. You seriously can’t go wrong.

This was our second time reviewing this beer. The first was in a snow storm after a day of fly fishing. The beer was great then as well, but the focus of the camera was not.

Give the Independence Pass Ale a try, whether you’re a hardcore beer snob or brand new to IPAs. I guarantee you’ll like it either way.


Aspen Brewing Company Independence Pass Ale

Aspen Brewing This Season’s Blonde Review

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Outdoor Research uses the tagline “Designed by Adventure” and it certainly seems to hold true in the Ferrosi Hoody.

The Ferris Hoody is a bit lighter weight than a softshell jacket. That makes it perfect for aerobic activities when it’s warm or everyday wear in the shoulder seasons. I’m wearing it in the snow in the video above where I’m on the cold side, but if I was actively climbing, running or skiing, it’d be a perfect match.

For climbers, the Ferrosi Hoody is abrasion-resistant so don’t worry about scraping it on the rock. It’s also wind and water resistant so don’t let that bad weather deter you. Aside from the snow, I’ve also worn it in light rain and the water rolled right off.

It’ll stretch with you so don’t be afraid to take it out for that spring ski tour or yoga on those cool mornings.


Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hoody

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Crazy and controlling boyfriends (and girlfriends) that need to stay in constant contact with their significant other are going to be the most grateful for this new product by Goal Zero. Now, when your phone dies, just plug in to the Flip and you’ll be good to go.  In all seriousness, the Flip 10 has come to the rescue many times when we’re out filming reviews, camping, or traveling. It’s a small and compact external battery that holds a single charge for a small USB powered device. Goal Zero assures a full charge off of a fully charged Flip, but I’ve definitely used it a few times without charging in between.

The Flip charges off of a USB power source and can also be charged by connecting a compatible solar panel. It takes about 3 hours to charge fully whether from a USB source or solar source. It takes the same amount of time to charge a phone or similar device from the Flip as it would from the wall charger (generally 2-4 hours). You can tell when the Flip has a full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 charged battery by the four blue lights on the top of the Flip.

The Flip is an important product to always throw in your purse if you find yourself without smartphone power. We all know how connected we get to our phones and so with this you won’t have to suffer when it dies. It’s also a great thing to have for emergency situations and traveling. The Flip is super packable, usable, and easy to bring along on any adventure.


The Flip 10

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