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Ladies, if you’re looking for leg protection while on an Adventure Ride KLiM’s Altitude Pant fit the bill.

I have fallen a coupe of times in them and have walked away with nothing but a bruise. They do well at keeping the weather out and are very comfortable.

I do wish these pants were a little more form fitting but it does not affect the comfort level in anyway. The Altitude Pants I have are a size medium and I wish I would have gotten the small. All of the protection does fit in the right places when I am seated on the motorcycle though.

The Altitude pants are a good all around pant that I know most will enjoy. Paired with the Altitude jacket this outfit will take you anywhere you want to go in the backcountry.

KLiM Altitude Women's Pant



KLiM Altitude Pant

KLiM Altitude Jacket

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Comfort is the best word to describe KLiM’s Women’s Altitude Jacket.

The Altitude Jacket will protect you in almost every condition. Like the matching Altitude Pant, this jacket is a great all around jacket. The fit can be a little loose but there are straps on the sides to help make it more form fitting. The length of the jacket is great, when you sit down and move around none of your back will show/hang out. A lot of women’s jackets tend to be too short for my along torso.

There aren’t very many choices when it comes to adventure gear for women but KLiM’s Altitude Jacket is a good one.

KLiM Altitude Jacket


KLiM Altitude Jacket

KLiM Altitude Pant

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Staying hydrated on a motorcycle is extremely important as you’re in the elements, but also a difficult thing to do. Thankfully, GEIGERRIG has solved this problem for me with the RIG 700M.

We’re all familiar with the hydration packs from Camelbak and others but GEIGERRIG brings something truly remarkable to the outdoor industry, though at first I thought it was pretty gimmicky. You’ll find the drinking tube hanging down one side of your shoulder like on a normal pack but on the other side you’ll see a pump. Every time I use it I think about those old inflatable sneakers from Reebok.

Unlike the shoes, the pump on GEIGERRIG’s pack actually performs something useful. When the hydration bag is full (2 liters in this case) it takes about 20 pumps to fully pressurize the bag. Watch the video to see exactly how to do this.

When fully pressurized you’ll find many benefits:

  • Everything in your bag, even if empty, is completely secure without sloshing around
  • Water flows into your mouth without having to suck it in which a pain when you’re really thirsty
  • It’s helpful to spray into kid’s mouths or share with anyone who might be sick
  • You can irrigate a wound, a major benefit in the backcountry and what I like most
  • Spray your wife from a few feet away but be ready to run

In addition to holding and dispensing water, the pack carries a useful 11.47 liters of stuff. My keys and wallet are always in there when I’m riding dirt bikes and so is my tool kit. It carries the perfect amount for me without being big and heavy.

I’ve taken issue with some of the other hydration packs on the market when it comes to cleaning, but not with the GEIGERRIG. As you’ve seen in the video, the top slides out and the entire reservoir can be turned inside out for cleaning and drying. Wait, maybe this is my favorite feature!

GEIGERRIG has an entire lineup of hydration packs so check them out if you’re feeling thirsty.

GEIGERRIG RIG 700 review



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Let’s face it: riding is best done with friends and there’s nothing worse than when you can’t talk to each other while on an adventure. Sena is a company that solves that problem with the SMH10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom.

When I was first learning to ride my BMW Adventure bike off road this headset was a necessity. My friend could give me real-time instruction and feedback every step of the way without spending valuable time regrouping, shutting the bikes down and taking off helmets to have a conversation. Even while wearing ear plugs we could carry on a normal conversation and I could get instant feedback on my riding.

Now I’m coaching Christine the same way as we tackle our mountain pass project together and it’s made all the difference in the world.

Installation isn’t exactly a breeze but it will depend on your specific helmet. It takes a bit of time to get all the wires, speakers and microphone routed behind the padding and placed correctly but once you do you’ll rarely need to adjust them again.

Pairing is simple and straight forward. I’ve paired my headset with Christine’s and we rarely need to do anything after turning them on; they’ll usually find each other automatically within a few seconds. After initial pairing with my iPhone 5 I haven’t experienced any issues there either. The SMH10 has always connected with my phone after powering on, as long as my phone’s Bluetooth is on.

I often ride with friends who have 20S models mounted on their helmets. After our initial pairing a few months ago, reconnecting is always easy, involving only the push of a button. The units have always remembered their connections and sync back up without a problem.

Christine and I spend hours on our bikes every week riding Colorado’s mountain passes. The purpose of the project was to spend quality time together but if we couldn’t talk to each other our time together would barely count as quality.

When I’m riding by myself I usually like to listen to a podcast or Pandora. Once the apps are opened manually on my phone and begin playing, holding the jog dial button for two seconds starts and stops playback.

I have had some issues reliably activating SIRI from the SMH10. During the times when I was able to pull her up she sometimes had a difficult time understanding what I was saying. If this was improved I could reliably send and receive texts safely without looking at my phone. That’s a game-changer when you don’t want to stop riding, either because you’re in a hurry or it’d be unsafe to do so; caught in a traffic jam, for instance.

After riding with the SMH10 for at least 40 hours and having put multiple trips in with more expensive units like the 20S, the SMH10 is definitely a great value. You’ll find the 2-pack SMH10 for about $300 which is only slightly more than the cost of the 20S. If you’re just starting out with intercom units and don’t want to listen to music and talk to someone at the same time (these are the main upgrades to the 20S), I’d opt for the SMH10.


Sena SMH10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom:

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Sitting in a chair is a luxury. There’s no doubt about that. I’m pretty big on lightweight adventure travel so I’ve always left the travel chairs at home. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older (and wiser?), but I’m starting to crave some back support and less sitting in the dirt, so I was obviously pretty excited to test out the Therm-a-rest Treo Chair.

First, this chair comes in a small package. It nearly fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just over four pounds. But just because it has a small size doesn’t mean it lacks comfort.

You know how the first meal after a long camping trip tastes amazing? Maybe I have great feelings about the Treo Chair for similar reasons, but I don’t think so. This chair is just the answer to the long trip spent without a backrest and I’ve never found it uncomfortable.

Usually the small camping chairs sit low to the ground and can be hard to get out of. Again, not so with the Treo as it sits you a comfortable 13″ off the ground. It’s also durable and strong, supporting up to 250 pounds.

The tripod base easily supports and finds level on uneven ground and the non-skid feet also hold you in place on most terrain.


Therm-a-rest Treo Chair

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Available for a while overseas, you can now get the SW-MOTECH TRAX ADVENTURE touring pannier from Twisted Throttle in the U.S.

These panniers are reinforced with plastic corners to ensure those dings don’t affect the structural stability of the design. And those cool looking ‘x’ designs on the side? They’re not just for show. They actually increase the structural stability of the rectangular design, helping you avoid flattened boxes.

TRAX Adventure BMW F800GS

The TRAX ADVENTURE panniers are made for adventure. They’ll take a beating and keep on going for you. One key is all you need to lock each lid as well as remove the boxes from your bike. No more having to get out your tools if you want a quick change.

Coming in 37L and 45L sizes, I’ve found the smaller of the two to be a perfect fit for me. At 11.24 pounds each they also won’t slow me down with extra weight.


SW-MOTECH also makes a number of great accessories to use along with your luggage. From tables to lid nets and pockets you’ll be able to accessorize to get the perfect fit for your needs.



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