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Point6 generously continues to let us test their socks and most of you are probably tired of seeing the same old ski sock review. It’s important to know though- that they make socks for every occasion! Yes it’s been cold and the snow has been falling, but I’m sure many of you still get out with your dog on the local hiking trails so be sure to check out their website for all of your sock needs.

The Ski Light Cushion sock is a great weight for skiing during the non-extreme cold days. The over the calf fit ensures comfort for your entire lower leg, while the wool blend is warm and itch-free.

The cushioning is strategically placed and while you’re skiing you will find that these socks don’t allow pressure points or painful rubbing. The included braces add a little bit of extra support in the arch and achilles areas.

Point6 Socks are durable and comfortable and will join you on adventures for years to come!


Point6 Ski Light Cushion Sock

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I’m not just trying to make this review sound reputable when I say that this is my favorite base layer to date. It is soft, fits extremely well, breathable, and quick drying. The Women’s Kashmir HG V-Neck by Terramar will quickly become the only base layer top you reach for.

My favorite feature of the Kashmir is the soft fabric. This top is comprised of micro acrylic, viloft viscose, and spandex creating the softest base I’ve ever worn. I literally cannot take this top off. It is a pretty thin layer, but when it is cold out I just layer up over it. The fit is perfect, ensuring that it will stay tucked into your pants all day, which is a must for me.

Terramar has worked hard to develop certain technologies to add to the performance of their base layers. The Kashmir uses the Heat Generating (HG) technology which means that the “hollow spaces between fibers captures the body heat and prevents the warmth from escaping.” While it keeps you warm, it also allows for breathability and dries fast.

I’ve only worn this top skiing so far, but can definitely see myself using it for hiking and biking in the summer and fall. The 25+ UPF rating makes this an ideal top for all of your outdoor activities.

Also, I know it sounds gross, but I literally haven’t washed this top since I’ve gotten it. Terramar has kindly kept in mind the ski bums that wear base layers and have added anti-microbials that “inhibit growth of bacteria that cause odors.”

The Kashmir V-Neck has easily won my favorite base layer of the year award! This form fitting and sexy base layer top will keep you looking good under your jacket and you will be the talk of the town when you’re enjoying après ski in your base layers. Just be aware… you won’t want to take this off for anything!

photo 1

photo 2


The Women’s Kashmir HG V-Neck

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It’s that time of year again when people are asking what you want for Christmas, or perhaps you’re just buying for yourself. We’re not judging and we think you’ll like everything here. Merry Christmas!

Good Spread Peanut Butter

Good Spread Peanut ButterWe’ve seen companies across many industries take the Tom’s Shoes approach over the past few years, but I haven’t been as excited about any of them as I have been about Good Spread. When you buy their peanut butter – which is organic and all natural, by the way – a malnourished child will receive an equivalent amount of therapeutic food.

On top of that, this peanut butter rocks. It’s not oily, doesn’t need to be stirred, oh, and it tastes great. Put a jar under the tree or stuff some packets in a stocking and be ready to tell a cool story.

Omniheat baselayer

Columbia Omni-heat base layerYes, Columbia makes these base layers in lightweight and heavyweight, but so does everyone else. What sets them apart is the technology that lies directly against your skin called Omni-heat.

I’ve talked about this technology many times before but if you’re new here, pay attention. Omni-heat is thermal reflective dots that send your body heat back to itself, keeping you plenty warm. I find I wear a few less layers when I put this on first, so if you’re looking to slim down or to look skinnier in the outdoors, also give it a try. I almost exclusively wear this on the ski slopes.

Fugoo Speaker

Fugoo Tough speakerLike to take your music with you but worried about water, sand, snow, dirt, or weather getting to it? The Fugoo speaker with Tough Jacket has you covered.

I’ve been using this everywhere for a few months now and not only is it not damaged but it still looks brand new. It’s survived extended days at the wood pile, being knocked around the garage while I’m waxing skis, and still looks good enough to rock out on a Friday afternoon in the office.

With true 360 degree sound this speaker’s Tough case is easily removed and transplanted to two other options to give you a lighter weight model if you don’t need the durability.

Omni-heat Bugaboot™

Columbia omni-heat bugabootDon’t let cold, wet toes ruin your day. With Columbia’s Omni-heat boots you can say goodbye to both.

The first time I wore these I found myself a few stories up on an adventure ropes course at an Olympic facility near Park City, Utah. There was a winter storm happening which added to the complexity of walking across a rope while 40′ above the ground, but cold feet never entered the picture to distract me from the task at hand.

Not only is the Bugaboot™ warm, but it’s also stylish. I wore them to the office during a snowstorm and never realized so many people would have commented on my shoes.


HydroflaskThis bottle made our gift guide last year as well and for good reason. They have so many options available you’d think I’d be overwhelmend, but I only find myself wanting one of each.

Hydroflask promises to keep hots up to 12 hours and colds up to 24. When they told me this I was in Thailand, sitting on the beach during a 95 degree day. Yeah, right, was my response.

They sent me that bottle and I put it right to the test. Christine parked at the top of the downtown parking garage for a few hours each morning for swim lessons. While the temperature outside was in the 90s, inside the car I’m sure it was many degrees warmer.

The outside of the bottle was warm, just like you’d expect, but because of the multiple walls of insulation, plus a little magic that I don’t understand, the water still contained ice cubes. We repeated this in many parking lots for an entire summer and I’m still amazed that it worked every time.

Lorpen Technical Ski Socks

Lorpen T3 Ski SockThis year’s ski season started off with an experiment. I’ve always enjoyed the lightest weight socks I could find, usually meaning less innovation and technical prowess. Lorpen was first on my feet with the T3 Light Ski Sock.

Instead of straight Merino wool, which I love, they’ve mixed in a healthy bit of PrimaLoft® Yarn to wick sweat and dry much faster. It’s been warm this year so I had a chance to test them right off the bat and I’ve become a fan.

With strategic padding when you might need it most, they’ve brought high tech into an area we normally don’t think about, until it’s too late and has already ruined our day.

If you suffer from warm, sweaty feet or get banged up shins while chasing your kids down the slope, you ought to give this sock a try.

Falke SK Energizing Wool Ski Socks

Falke Compression Ski SocksSpeaking of technical ski socks, I had never thought about trying compression socks on the slopes until Falke reached out to me with the SK Energizing Wool compression socks.

I’ve worn compression socks before but had always reserved them for airplane rides or long days on a trade show floor; sometimes combining both into the same wearing. I thought it was a little weird to wear them in ski boots but I’m always up for trying new things.

When I first tried them on I thought there’d be no way I’d every be comfortable in them all day: they were tight and I felt like they were cutting off my blood flow. Boy, was I wrong.

I drove to the ski hill in the socks, skied for six hours, ate dinner out with my family, then drove home. I didn’t take the socks off until bed and had almost forgot they were on my feet.

I didn’t find they sweaty and my legs felt noticeably less fatigued the following day. They might be something to these and it’s worth checking out.

Super.Natural Base Layer

Super Natural wool base layerWhen someone tells me they have a base layer that doesn’t smell, my first reaction is: nuh-uh! I’m game for testing anything, especially anti-smell stuff, and I figured I could really put this one to the test.

I immediately skied back-to-back days with this shirt, making sure to work up whatever sweat I could find. Super.Natural uses a blend of Merino Wool, Polyester and Lycra with the latter two materials being notoriously stinky. I had never tried this particular blend and I was surprised by the results.

After two days of skiing, I could have worn this shirt to work and no one would have known. Some form of magic might also be woven into the fabric but it’s not listed on the label.

This base layer uses a thin material but I found it durable, comfortable and as warm as I needed it to be. I’ll definitely be living in it during the shoulder seasons.


It’s nice to have a different base layer for every occasion.  I’m not going to lie, I find a favorite one and I stick to it, so I’m glad that Terramar has pushed me this season to try new things.  The TXO 2.0 Crew is the perfect base layer for chilly days, and warm enough so you don’t have to layer up uncomfortably.  The fleece interior is amazingly soft against my skin, but the exterior is smooth so additional layers do not get hung up.

This polyester base layer is quick drying, soft, and breathable.  The advanced technology is an added bonus, with “heat generating carbon-based yarn retaining and radiating body heat back to the skin.”  All of the Terramar base layers I’ve tried have had the flat stitching which eliminates irritation. This layer is UPF 50+ and while I’ve worn it skiing multiple times, I think it would be a perfect layer for kayaking or hiking.

Terramar has a warmth scale of 1.0-4.0 and this base layer rates as a 2.0.  The TXO 2.0 is a great midweight layer and would be an amazing gift for a special adventurer!


The TXO 2.0 Crew

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We’ve worked with Point6 in the past and I’ve had the honor of trying a bunch of different socks from them, both ski and other types.  These are by far my favorite ski sock that I have from them.  The Ultra Light ski sock tailors my sock needs perfectly.  These socks don’t have cushioning (hence the ultra light), but don’t that scare you, they are still very comfortable.  If I didn’t look at the packaging, and you asked me if they had cushioning, I would’ve said yes.  They are that comfortable.

The wool blend (62% Wool, 34% Nylon, & 4% Spandex) ensures a warm sock, quick drying abilities, and a nice tight fit.  The tight fit is crucial for me these days.  I started noticing socks that would bunch up and move around when I ski and it started to really irritate me.  Not a problem with these tight fitting babies!

There is plenty of ventilation so when my feet start to sweat, the moisture doesn’t just collect on my skin.  Now that I’ve been using Point6 socks for over a year, I can confidently say that you will be pleased with your purchase and the quality and build of Point6 is outstanding.  I’m still wearing year old socks, because they still look and perform like they are brand new.  For $21, you are getting a ski sock that will last you endless powder days. I wear a size 8.5 shoe and the Medium sock size is absolutely money.  Oh, and did you know that Point6 socks are made here in the USA?!


Point6 Ultra Light Ski Sock:

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Living and working in the mountains of Colorado requires a pair of pants that will keep up with me. I’ve found them in Carhartt’s B11, Washed Duck Work Dungarees.

The first time I work these pants I was knocking standing dead trees over with a skid loader then bucking and hauling the wood through the forest to stack next to a boiler.

Since then I’ve been hauling wood to my heart’s content and running chainsaws, then throwing them on over long underwear and fleece pants on the way to the ski slope. The B11 is a go-anywhere pant that looks good and performs well. These have replaced a previous pair of Carhartt pants that lasted nearly 10 years and I’m confident these will last a similar amount of time.


Carhartt B11 Washed Duck Work Dungarees

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