Looking for a stylish belt that doesn’t break and gives back to a cause of your choice? Look no further than C4 Belts.

C4 Belts are the perfect fit because you get to dial it in yourself. They come in a size large enough to fit just about anyone and a pair of scissors is all you need to cut them down to size. While perhaps daunting at first, you can see in the video that we have no idea what we’re doing but still come out with perfect fits.

Over 600 color combinations between the belts and buckles will give you plenty of options to go with any outfit, all without breaking the bank. You can pick up customized belt and buckle combo for less than $30.

Now for the giving back part. C4 Belts donates 10% of every online purchase to a charity that you vote for with four great options currently on their website.

We plan to employ these to hold up our pants on the slope, in the office and around town.


C4 Belts

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Tyson and I used to feel restricted as to what we could take with us in the backcountry because we would be limited to what would fit in our avalanche airbag backpacks. We recently upgraded to the ABS Vario System, which is the most versatile, cost effective, and usable avy packs out there. We both got the Vario system, which includes the airbag system and a basic 8L zip-on. We then also got larger zip-ons from ABS (Tyson got the 24L and I got the 32L). We love having the organized space but we also love the option to be able to change the pack out depending on the adventure.

We do a lot of reviews in the backcountry and also take photos and so we needed something just a little bit more for the days when we’d be using the camera a lot. There are a lot of amazing backpacks out there for taking your gear into the backcountry, but nothing that would keep us as safe as the Evoc CP 26L ABS Compatible Zip-on. Now, we can be just as protected as on any other day. The CP 26L is a bag designed around organizing and safely carrying your camera gear with you. It zips on to the ABS system just as any other zip-on would.

The CP 26L is filled with features to keep your photography equipment protected and to keep you organized. Evoc explains the pack as a 60/40 split, meaning that 60% of the backpack is built for your camera gear and the other 40% is for backcountry gear like extra layers, skins, and your avy safety gear.

Something that is really beneficial is having a single compartment for avy safety gear and nothing else. You don’t want to be fumbling through all your gear when you’re in an emergency situation. Evoc placed the avy gear pouch on the front of the pack and it is easy to get to and fits a probe, shovel blade, and shovel handle.

For extra easy accessibility, Evoc uses T-zipperpullers, which are easy to use when wearing big bulky gloves. There is also a built in rain cover which stores nicely away in the bottom of the bag and will save your gear when it starts raining or snowing hard.

Perhaps one of my favorite features of this bag is the easy camera side access. A zipper closure “door” is placed on the side of the backpack, which opens up directly to your camera body and lens. No need to take the entire backpack off and unzip everything to grab your camera. You won’t miss that perfect shot!

The inside of the backpack is partitioned for all of your important camera accessories. There is a ton of flexibility when it comes to organizing your gear and so you can make it customized to exactly how you prefer. We can easily fit extra lenses, GoPros, mics, and plenty more. On the front panel of the inside, there are extra compartments to keep batteries, filters, and memory cards organized. Evoc really cares about the protection of your gear and it is evident by looking at how they’ve paid close attention to detail. The zippers on the front panel even have garages so they don’t scratch your gear.

The gear pouch inside the pack has it’s own zipper closure so that nothing wet can seep down on top of your camera. At first I thought it would be a pain to have to go through two zippers to get my extra gloves out but it really is no hassle at all. I’d rather go through two zippers than ruin a $1200 camera.

Of course, Evoc gives you plenty of options for carrying your skis or snowboard and that is a huge feature to include on a camera pack. I know some backcountry specific packs that don’t even include ways to attach your gear. If I can’t carry my skis on the pack, it won’t be going in to the backcountry with me. Way to go, Evoc, for covering all the bases and then some.

This is the first ABS Compatible camera backpack out there and it really hits home on all of the features. We have no complaints and are so excited to be able to carry our gear (safely) into the backcountry.   No more wrapping the camera up in extra layers then stuffing it in my backpack. Thanks Evoc for coming up with this and including so many important and usable features. Be sure to check Evoc out as they make packs for hiking, biking, skiing, and anything else you can think of!

evoc ski carries





The CP 26L ABS Compatible Backpack

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It’s always a bummer when, after having an amazing day of slashing deep pow, you show up to the bar in your “baselayer” that is probably a little bit tighter than it should be. You may be able to rip on the slopes, but the ladies are here, now, at the bar and you are in your skimpies.

With the Dafs Baselayer by Discrete, you’ll no longer have those embarrassing experiences. This is a high performance base layer that will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the day but looks good and can be worn to the bar without any embarrassment.

The Dafs is definitely a little bit thicker of a layer, and I can easily get away with just wearing it under my jacket on warmer park lapping days. It’s a synthetic/cotton blend that is soft on the inside and easy to layer over on the out.

I love the color combination of bright blue and tan, and it matches so well with my bright blue ski pants which is actually an unplanned coincidence. If you’re looking for a base layer that can be worn for more activities than just one, you should definitely look into the Dafs by Discrete. They are exceptional après ski wear designers that will keep you looking fresh no matter where you are or what you’re doing.





The Dafs Baselayer by Discrete

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For over 40 years, Osprey has been raising the standards for backpack comfort, functionality, and innovation. Luckily for us, Osprey has also been catering to the backcountry travelers that prefer to wear avalanche airbag backpacks. The technology has transformed and improved in the past few years and avy packs are becoming an essential piece of equipment for backcountry travel.

Tyson and I recently upgraded our avy backpacks and each got ABS Vario Base Units. Our favorite feature about the ABS bags is the fact that you can get different size zip-ons but only have one airbag deployment system. It is so versatile, cost effective, and most importantly safe. The base unit comes with a simple 8L zip-on and we both added on slightly larger zip-ons because we don’t travel light. I have a 32L and Tyson opted for the 24L. We both love these sizes, but wanted something a little bit bigger in case we wanted to do an overnight trip or much longer day trip.

That’s where the Kode 42 by Osprey comes in to play for us. It is ABS compatible so just like the ABS zip-ons, the Kode has an identical zipper on the back panel that attaches the Kode to your ABS system. What’s even sweeter than the Kode attaching to your ABS is the fact that while the Kode is ABS compatible, it also comes with it’s own zip-on straps and comfortable back panel. Now instead of having one pack for winter backcountry travel and one or two for your summer adventures, you can have one backpack for everything. The Kode 42 is a little bit bigger than something I would ski with in the backcountry everyday, but for someone who doesn’t want to pay to have multiple ABS zip-ons, it is a great option.

The Kode is a feature packed backpack and Osprey has gone above and beyond with their innovative design and comfort. With 42L of space, there is plenty of room for backcountry essentials and more. There is a separate pocket for avalanche rescue equipment, which is a huge bonus. If you are in need of your equipment, you should not be wasting time pulling out extra snacks and layers to try and find your probe and shovel.

The top closure is great for a helmet or rope. I love having a place to put my helmet while I’m hiking. The way that Osprey has designed this pack, your helmet will stay dry when stashed in the top pocket of the Kode.

As talked about in the video, there are numerous ways to carry your skis or snowboard. For skis, you can either choose a diagonal carry or A-Frame carry. With a snowboard, you can choose a vertical carry or horizontal carry. It’s nice to have options for different environments that you may find yourself in.

You can fit a ton of layers in the main compartment of the Kode but what is even more impressive is Osprey’s ability to have top load access and back panel access. This is key for me when traveling anywhere with a larger backpack. I find I lose things way too easily when a large backpack only has top load access. You can find all of your layers and snacks with a simple unzip at the back panel.

It’s exciting to be able to have a backpack that can be used multi-seasonally. It is very cost effective and packed with so many features. Summit 14ers in the summer and ski steep lines in the backcountry in the winter with your safe ABS system attached. With their experience in the industry, Osprey is only making more functional, more comfortable, and more applicable products. We can’t wait to see what they tackle next.

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The Kode 42 ABS Compatible

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One of my favorite things about Marmot is their ability to design a feminine yet functional jacket. The Val D’Sere is a perfect example of this as it entails a feminine fit without compromising warmth. If you’re looking for a do-everything warm winter jacket, this one should be high on your priority list to look into.

The Val D’Sere is an affordable jacket with abundant warmth. 700 fill-power down insulation will keep you warm whether you are skiing cold smoke pow or walking the dogs on a brisk winter morning. Not only will you have insulation for warmth, Marmot’s Membrain fabric is breathable, and waterproof.

On top of insulation and waterproof fabric, the Val D’Sere has all of the features that your ski jacket should have. Ample pockets will stash whatever you need on deep powder days or long dog walks along the river. An important feature for me is lined hand pockets because if I forget my gloves and need to put them in my pockets, I want them to be soft, cozy and warm. An internal zip pocket is a great place to keep your cash and keys safe and adjacent to that pocket is a mesh goggle pocket if you need to throw your goggles against your core to keep them warm. There’s also a nice small zippered sleeve pocket, which is nice for chap stick or your favorite resort pass.

The hood is helmet compatible and so for those days when you really need to bundle up, you can throw that baby up and zip up all the way. The fit of this jacket is really nice in regard to the fact that it is long and fitted. I really like the small detail of the fitting because instead of looking like a black marshmallow, I look a little bit more like a lady. The design is very flattering and comfortable.

The sleeves are a little bit too short for me for this to be a daily ski jacket. Especially if I’m going to be wearing the Val D’Sere on powder days, I would have problems keeping my sleeves over my gloves and my wrists warm and dry. The only other complaint I have about this jacket is that there are no pit zips. My temperature is always fluctuating especially on powder days when I’m hiking and skiing.

Overall, I really love how Marmot integrated a more casual look with a functional fit and features perfect for skiing. It’s really the first time that I’ve worn a down jacket that flatters my body and makes me actually look like a lady!

marmot 1

marmot 2

marmot 3


The Val D’Sere by Marmot

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I’ve learned from experience that disorganized gear leads to frustration. Frustration combined with what I’ll call inaccessibility leads to lack of use. Think of technology. The harder it was to access, the less likely we were to use it.

These frustrations eventually lead to Think Tank, a company that specializes in organization, protection, and accessibility of camera equipment. I stopped using my camera gear because the disorganization, frustration, and inaccessibility suffocated my desire to create using this equipment.

It was easier to just pull out my iPhone. It is easier to just Google something rather than going to the library and looking something up in a physical book. Yes, easier, faster but people still go to libraries. The relation isn’t totally fair or equal, but my point is I stopped using what wasn’t at my fingertips because it wasn’t easy. And to not use thousands of dollars of nice camera gear is just plain stupid!

What is also stupid is the fact that it took me so long to find/use/get this organization system. The Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera Bag by Think Tank has fueled my desire to use my camera equipment again because it has become easy.

I used to have three-four camera bags where I would stash my camera gear. Now, it’s all consolidated into one place and that one place is very organized. The Airport TakeOff is packed with features, built with quality and is a pack that everyone with loads of camera gear should have.

Not only are the features on point, this bag meets US domestic and international carry-on standards. After you roll through the airport halls and arrive at your destination, simply conceal the roll-mode handle, unzip the back panel, pull the comfortable backpack straps out and you’re ready for any adventure that you may find yourself in.

The interior design of the TakeOff allows for copious amounts of camera equipment and different ways to configure the padded divider tabs (don’t worry, this bag comes with plenty of dividers). While it takes some playing with and a little bit of time, you can organize your gear however you want. Don’t lose hope, you will figure out a way to fit everything in there in a way that makes sense!

Think Tank doesn’t waste any space and on the inside front panel, there are slightly expandable pouches that hold batteries or any other small miscellaneous parts. In addition to these pockets, there are two zippered pockets on the outside. I fit my memory cards in one pocket and then an I.D. card in the other.

The front panel on the exterior of the pack fits a 15” (and some 17”) laptop. I have a 15” and there is enough space that even if I had my computer in a thick, padded case, it would still fit.

Think Tank has created some amazing camera organization systems that are innovative, effective, and built of quality. Whether you need something for everything, a daypack, or small organization systems, Think Tank should be the first place you look.

*We are honored to be a part of Think Tank’s Affiliate Program which benefits our readers and followers!!! Receive FREE shipping and a FREE gift (with every order over $50.00).  All you have to do is head over to www.thinktankphoto.com/affiliate, enter code AP-975, add your product(s) to your cart, pick your free gift, and submit!  

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The Airport TakeOff Rolling Camera Bag

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