Buying a motorcycle jacket is no easy affair and with all of the options and riding styles out there you can image just how long it takes, especially since it’s a large purchase. Because they’re so expensive (Klim’s Overland Pants retail for $410) it’s nice to get just one jacket that will handle a lot of situations.

Like many adventure riders I split my time between the pavement and the dirt. Some days it’s 90% pavement to 10% dirt. Today’s ride was 85% dirt, 10% mud puddles and 5% pavement.

So I need a pair of pants that will look good on the road or when I stop into a restaurant, keep me protected on the trail from tree branches and falls, and be waterproof from rain and puddles (I swear that big puddle today looked like it was only 2 inches deep, but there I was, stuck up to the seat and trying to push it out).

Klim’s Overland Pants fit the bill for whatever I seem to put them through and at $410 retail are a nice compromise between features and price.

The fit throughout the legs is a bit on the lose end for me while the waist is snug. Nothing is uncomfortable but for someone with a 34″ inseam and 31″ waist I’d like to see less room in the legs and more in the waist. I’m wearing a Tall 32.

The Overland seems to take abuse well. From falls, hikes, wading through streams and many adventures. My kids have enjoyed hosing me off at the end of the day and the pants still look fairly new.

D3O™ T5 EVO ‘XT’ range knee and hip pieces will help protect if anything should go awry and two vents in each leg will help you keep your cool.

Klim Overland Jacket


Klim Overland Pants

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The Foidel Canyon 2 Tent by Big Agnes has everything and more that you would want in a 2-person backpacking or camping tent. This tent stands out from others because of it’s easy to use and setup design, big, accessible doors, high-quality and durable material, indispensable storage areas and endless options for add-on accessories.

The first time we used the Foidel Canyon 2 tent, we unfortunately were able to comprehensively test out the performance of the tent in consistent and relentless rain showers. With a 1200mm waterproof polyurethane coating on the floor and fly and fully taped waterproof seams, there was not the slightest drop of water inside the tent. The large vestibules (10sq ft.) were also a huge benefit that we found with this tent because they proved to be a great area to store our packs and other gear that we did not want out in the rain.

The versatility of this tent proves it’s 3-season capability. Without the fly, between two windows and two doors, the ventilation would be impeccable for hot camping days and nights. Even with the fly on, you are still able to open the vestibule fully and allow for ventilation through the doors and windows. I mentioned how amazing the large vestibules are for storing gear but what is even more amazing is the fact that the vestibules can be opened to either side. This is huge if you are in a rainstorm, windstorm, desert sand storm, or any other storm that has some addition of wind or direction along with it. Simply open the side of the vestibule that is not getting hammered by the wind/rain/snow/sand and you protect the inside of your tent from also getting pounded with the elements.

Most tents, when encapsulated by a rain fly, become extremely awkward to get in and out of. Especially at 4 am, in a shit storm, when you have to pee, and your dog has to pee, and it’s raining, and your boyfriend hates it when you get even the smallest speck of dirt inside the tent (don’t even try to bring your shoes in), and you’ve managed to lose your headlight in the 5 hours you’ve been asleep. We found that this wasn’t necessarily the case with the Foidel Canyon 2. The large doors allow for easy access during any time of the night. Oh and by the way, with all the amazing storage options included in the Foidel, you won’t lose your headlight. There are six interior mesh pockets and two internal media pockets. Not to mention gear loft loops that allow for easy install of some of Big Agnes’ tent accessories that will give you even more storage options.

Speaking of making your life easier, this tent is super fast and easy to set up. Thank you, Big Agnes, for even color-coding the webbing and buckles and making the pole structure symmetrical. Remember that shit storm I was talking about? Yeah, I’m 100% positive you could set this tent up in that.

As far as comfort goes, for a 2-person tent, Tyson and I were pretty impressed with the room. We are always skeptical of 2-person tents and usually opt for a 3-person because of Hank. We were surprised with how much extra room we felt we had. With an overall length of 92 inches, Hank was able to comfortably curl up at our feet. The width at the top of the tent (top as in where you put your head) is 10 inches wider than the width at the bottom, which really helps to make it feel like you have an ample amount of room.

If you’re looking for a feature-packed, quality made, durable 2-person 3-season tent, I would highly suggest the Foidel Canyon 2 by Big Agnes. It’s versatile, easy to set up, comfortable to get in and out of, and is made with materials that are designed for the outdoors. Once you buy this tent, it may be a long time before you need another one. Be sure to check out Big Agnes and all of their tents and sleeping bags (and more!). They have a large selection so you are sure to get exactly what you need and want.













The Foidel Canyon 2 by Big Agnes

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When Hank was a puppy, he wasn’t sure what to think of bodies of water. He still hates the rain, but he has come to love swimming and water sports. We were so surprised when he really became a water dog because he was so skeptical as a young pup. It’s fun to watch your dog learn how to swim but can be pretty scary at the same time. For the most part, Hank is a pretty strong swimmer… when he remembers he needs to be swimming.  For all the times he forgets, we’re glad he has his Ruffwear Float Coat.

Whenever we’re on a boat in deep water, canoeing across open water, or enticing hank to jump off the end of a dock to retrieve a stick, he will most likely have his Float Coat on. We have yet to take Hank rafting or SUPing but when we do, he will always have his Float Coat.

Even if your dog is an amazing swimmer, it’s still important to have a Float Coat for many reasons. I am a good swimmer as a human but I still wear a PFD when I go rafting. The same theory should apply for your dog.


For the same reason that you wouldn’t wear a PFD that would easily fall off, we highly recommend Ruffwear’s Float Coat as one of the safest out there. First of all, there is not a releasable clasp on the chest of the Float Coat. While the closure is adjustable (and garaged by a telescoping sleeve), it is permanently attached preventing any accidental unfastening or breaking which would allow your dog to slip out.


The buckles under the belly have their own garage, ensuring that they will not catch on any debris or boating gear. These are also very adjustable so you can get an accurate fit on your pup.

One of the most important features of the Float Coat is the strong handle strategically placed between the shoulders. We use this all the time whether we are trying to get Hank in the boat or hanging out with him in the deep water. I can imagine that in an emergency situation, without the handle you would be at a loss.

Ruffwear pays close attention to detail and uses high quality products to ensure that, in an emergency or daily life, this canine PFD will not fail. Reflective trim and a light and a leash loop are just a few more ways to show that Ruffwear was serious about safety and functionality when designing the Float Coat.

Hank could spend all day in his Float Coat and he can swim easily and comfortably, as the coat does not restrict any range of motion. We got the yellow color, which is great for visibility and brings out the color in Hank’s eyes.

If you and your dog are water-sports addicts or adventurers, you should definitely be able to justify spending $80 that could potentially save your dog’s life one day.  You won’t be disappointed if you pick up a Float Coat for your dog and he or she will thank you later in forms of sweet slobbery kisses.  Be sure to check out Ruffwear for sweaters, leashes, travel gear, beds, and much much more!




The Float Coat by Ruffwear

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We’ve tried numerous times here at Backcountry Treks to convince our readers that Muck Boot Company boots are more than just the name implies. Tyson and I use Muck Boots as our daily winter boot heading to the ski resort or going on snowy hikes with Hank. In the summer time, we use them to work in around water and chemicals and on rainy days there is nothing more perfect.

This spring, two water-loving adventurers, Carrie and Alex, had the opportunity to take Muck Boots with them on their 21-day 226-mile river trip to show you all just one more way that Muck Boots are an adventure boot too. Proving that this boot is a four-season, multi-environment, versatile addition to your closet, they also found that these were the perfect boots for early morning camp pack-ups before heading out for a long day on the river.  The Grand Canyon is an unbeatable place; from listening to the water flow every day and night, to the beautiful stars. It is definitely an adventure for any outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list.



Alex wore the Men’s MuckMaster HI, which was a durable boot that kept his feet protected and warm during the spring trip. In March, the river is still pretty chilly and while daytime temperatures can be comfortably warm, nighttime and early mornings can still reach the 30’s. Alex and Carrie found themselves to be extremely lucky with the weather and grateful for not running into any unexpectedly cold weather.

The MuckMaster HI is a comfortably fitting boot that is easy to get on and off. The 100% waterproof feature is an absolute must when you’re trudging in and out of the chilly water. Combined with a grippy sole, the MuckMaster HIs performed well in diverse riverside terrain.



One of the most exciting things for Alex about testing out the MuckMaster HI boots was thinking about all the ways he’ll be able to continue to use the boots year-round. Whether he’s taking out the dirt bikes for an evening spin or heading out for a wintery snowmobile adventure, these will be his go-to boots! The range of temperature rating—-20°F-50°F—has Alex thinking he’ll be in and out of these boots all year round.

For both Carrie and Alex, they preferred a tall boot because they were able to pack the boat on the shore of the river without getting wet at all. The boots are also light enough to pack on your outdoor adventures, and they loved the grab loop on the boots enabling them to hook them through a carabiner and hang off the side of the raft while they paddled through one of the natural wonders of the world.

Carrie went for a colorful option with the Women’s Arctic Adventure Boot that combines functionality with style and color. While Carrie’s favorite thing about the boots was the color, she was also really excited to have warm and dry feet in the early mornings on the Grand Canyon.



The fleece lining was both soft and comfortable and kept her feet warm. Similar to Alex’s MuckMasters, the Arctic Adventure boots are 100% waterproof. These boots are also rated -20°F-50°F and their spring adventure was a perfect environment to test them out in. With Colorado’s crazy spring weather, she even had the chance to test out the Arctic Adventures in over a foot of snow in Colorado in April. She loves the grippy outsole and they provided excellent traction in the water and on the boats (which can get quite slippery when wet).

Overall, Muck Boots kept Carrie and Alex safe, warm, and comfortable on their 21-day adventure through the towering Grand Canyon. Their experience highlights another way that Muck Boots are appropriate boots for endless amounts of adventures! Muck Boots are versatile for any environment you may find yourself in and there will be many times you’ll be lucky to have warm and waterproof boots on your feet.



For the Ladies The Arctic Adventure

For the Gents The Muckmaster HI

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Need a pair of boots to get you around the world or just to work? Look no further than the Terra boots by Forma.

New to me only a few weeks ago, I’ve now put these boots through their paces. Multiple trips to work through a 2,000′ mountain pass, the long way home on some challenging forest service road, adventure touring in the national forest with stream crossings, and digging my bike out of the dirt in 85 degree weather. You name it and I’ve probably done it in these boots and they still look almost brand new. Through all this they somehow actually still smell new.

Forma was kind enough to drop a DRYTEX waterproof lining in these boots that extends from the toe box all the way up the boot to just shy of the top buckle. Scouting those stream crossings has become much easier when my feet stay dry.

Included are metal toe caps if you’re so inclined to use them.

My street shoe size is normally 11 but I opted to go larger to 12 US / 46 Euro for the extra room.

A $279 retail price point feels about right for years of abuse and comfort.


Forms Terra Boots

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A friend encouraged me to get the Overland Jacket by Klim and I’m glad I did. 2-Layer Gore-Tex ensures protection from wind and rain and this jacket has so far been comfortable from 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Normally I’m between a small and medium in most jackets and the medium Overland fits me perfectly. I can layer when it’s cold and it’s not too baggy when I only have a t-shirt underneath.

Scotchlite is added in all the right places to help alert motorists that you’re on the street with them. That’s a good thing because the gray color doesn’t do much to help you stand out in the crowd.

This jacket is nothing but durable all over. I’ve laid and dug in the dirt to get my bike out of places I shouldn’t have had it in. It’s been through rain storms and creek crossings and has been splattered with mud. It was so bad once that I had my daughters hose me off as soon as I got home a few weeks ago. All that and this jacket still looks new in this video.

D3O™ armor is used in the back, shoulders and elbows to provide serious protection while still being comfortable.

No doubt this jacket will last the test of time and see many adventures along the way. Starting at $430 it strikes a nice balance between performance and affordability.

Klim Overland Jacket


Klim Overland Jacket

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