Kinco Ski Glove [Review]

Want a tough pair of gloves that will handle it all? Look no further than the Kinco Ski glove.

At $28, this is a glove that handles the ski poles and shovel just as well as it handles a chainsaw and axe. Tyson even used the gloves to change the oil on his snowmobile.


These gloves don’t care how you abuse them; they’re like a dog that craves adventure, no matter how many people think it’s torture.

The Kinco ski glove is a favorite of ski resort workers. Tyson makes snow at Crested Butte ski resort and has abused them plenty.

I’ve used them backcountry skiing, at the resort, and bucking and splitting wood. It’s also glove review week from Ski Cooper near Leadville, CO and I’m bringing you the best. At the end of this series I’ll bring all the gloves together into one review to tell you which I like best and why.

Kinco ski glove 901

Kinco Ski Glove

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