Columbia Snow Stryker Softshell Glove [Review]

It’s glove review week from Ski Cooper near Leadville, CO and I’m bringing you the best. At the end of this series I’ll bring all the gloves together into one review to tell you which I like best and why.

It’s only 5 degrees fahrenheit when I hit the slopes so I start with the warmest first. By Columbia Sportswear, this is the Snow Stryker Softshell glove.

There’s not much insulation in the Snow Stryker, but the Omni-Heat makes up for it. That’s the reflective material on the inside of the glove that looks like it was adapted from the space shuttle. It was plenty warm in 15 degree fahrenheit weather, but not so ice climbing in 5 degrees.

Columbia designed a lot of dexterity into this glove, and by using OutDry, has made it completely windproof and waterproof, while still very breathable. My hands never sweat or felt clammy.

My favorite feature? The nose wipre on the pointer finger. Never overlook the comforts of home.

Columbia Snow Stryker Softshell Glove

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Columbia Snow Stryker Softshell Glove

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