Chore Cool: A Beefed Up Rubber Boot by Muck Boot [Review]

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Muck boots and the Chore Cool. My feet usually get hot in any type of rubber boot once the temps get much about 50. After wearing them for a month I am very pleased and find myself wearing them more than I thought I would. They are a fully waterproof boot with a 4mm Flexfoam bootie, steel shank, Vibram sole, and ExpressCool fabric liner.

I was unsure how the boot would do in warmer temps and so far I’ve only been able to test that inside buildings but I’m happy with the results. The ExpressCool fabric does a great job of pulling the moisture away from the foot and dispersing it to dry parts of the boot giving it an evaporation cooling effect. The 4mm Flexfoam bootie is extremely comfortable and I can barely feel it under my pants (which is a huge improvement to where most boots rub the hair off and leave the skin irritated).

The Chore Cool provides very good support for a rubber boot and I find it’s a boot that someone can use all day in the construction or outdoors industry and not complain come time to clock out. It has a steel shank which gives added support along with a Vibram sole ensuring years of use.

I had one minor problem with the boot where my left foot it rubbed my ankle. It may just be me and my fat ankle but the problem was quickly solved with a Nalgene bottle stuffed into the boot and placed in front of the fireplace for an evening. No more rubbing and it’s now as comfortable as the boot on my right foot.

The Chore Cool is a boot that I found made its own little niche and filled it nicely. I can already see it’s going to be a great boot for the summer as I find myself stomping around muddy farm fields and washing airplanes. For the winter I find it very adequate in cold temps especially if you are wearing a pair of ski socks. This is definitely a boot to consider if you find yourself on your feet for long hours in wet conditions or warm weather.

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Muck Boot Chore Cool

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Tyson Lukasavige

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I live half the year wandering the midwest as a crop duster and the rest of the year skiing and traveling the country.
  • Erik

    Hi Tyson,

    How are the Chore Cool holding up so far?

    Regards, Erik van Kasteel

    • Justin Lukasavige

      Still holding up great, Erik. You’ll love a pair.